Today Monday, 3rd October 2022

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About Us

Access to legal assistance is an important feature of a just society. With our services, we fulfill an important social role. After all, the fundamental need for affordable and high-quality legal assistance will continue to exist. Just like the need for financial continuity and trusted business. The combination of legal services and credit management are mutually consistent and mutually reinforcing.

We have an eye for the emotions that often lie behind legal and credit management questions. We are therefore involved and human in the way we work. We are a real partner for our customers in preventing and solving legal and financial problems.

Our lawyers advise you and represent your interests in court. We only work with specialized lawyers, so you will always receive high quality legal assistance. Our lawyers are of course just as independent as a fairly established lawyer. Every lawyer has signed a Professional Statute to guarantee that independence. Our lawyers are also supervised by the Bar Association and, like all other lawyers, must comply with the associated obligations.